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As the vine is the life source for the branches and fruit, Jesus meets all our spiritual needs as we focus on Him. We are now a fellowship of several congregations of believers whose goal is to remain connected to the True Vine, Jesus Christ. Our members live throughout the metropolitan area -- from Woodstock to Fayetteville; from Douglasville to Lithonia and beyond.

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Atlanta Church of Christ

A Family of Sister Congregations
Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit.
In December of 2006, the Atlanta Church of Christ completed a 2 year transformation from a single legal entity to an association of Congregations. This transformation was undertaken by the decision of the Atlanta Church elders in early 2004. This decision was based upon the sincere belief that continuing the unity of our fellowship, both within and between our various ministries, will be dependent upon keeping the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace, and not upon retaining any man-made organization.

The idea of creating an association of congregations in Atlanta had its genesis in early 2004. It was the opinion of the elders at that time that one of the most effective and biblical ways to improve the spiritual health of the church was to identify additional leaders at the local level who could best meet the local needs of their members. Given our unique circumstances here in Atlanta, it was determined, after much prayer, advice, and thoughtful consideration, that the best way to accomplish this was to transform the Atlanta Church of Christ into an association of locally led, smaller congregations. This was a much studied and deliberate decision to place authority and responsibility for serving and shepherding our people closer to the members.

The association was not formed for the purpose of leading these new congregations, but instead as a facilitating group designed for serving individual congregations (and their members) whenever joint cooperation between the congregations can be best accomplished through a common organization. For example, the Atlanta Church of Christ association owns and maintains the church's camp property, the "Swamp," and the member congregations pay the debt on the property through the association. This is the most efficient manner for the congregations to jointly own and manage such a large and complicated endeavor. The association also enables member congregations, if they desire, to purchase group health benefits for their employees at discounted group rates, distribute funds to missionaries and churches in third world countries, obtain administrative and accounting services for their local congregations as needed, and coordinate joint worship, benevolence and other religious activities, as directed by the member congregations.

Being a "member" of the Atlanta Church of Christ now means that you are a member of one of the sister congregations comprising the Atlanta Church of Christ association. To be a member of the association, a congregation must be a church corporation comprised of former members of the Atlanta Church of Christ. The congregation must also sign an association agreement, agreeing to pay its fair share of the outstanding camp loan. Each member congregation is represented in the association by an individual selected by the congregation and that person serves on the association's board of directors.

Currently, the following congregations are members of the association: ACOC East (consisting of the current Central Gwinnett and Stone Mountain ministries), Cornerstone Church of Christ (formerly the Duluth and Lawrenceville ministries), Atlanta Church of Christ at Cobb (formerly the West Cobb and Kennesaw ministries), Faith Fellowship Christian Church (formerly the Metro and Fayetteville ministries), North River Church of Christ (formerly the East Cobb and Marietta ministries), and Northview Church of Christ (formerly the Roswell ministry). New member congregations may be added to the association if they comply with the conditions of membership and receive the approval of all of the current member congregations.

These changes have resulted in significant improvements in our ministries. Local leadership teams have quickly evolved, and qualified elders, deacons and evangelists have been appointed where possible. Attendance, contribution and baptisms are increasing from that experienced a few years ago, and the spirit of cooperation and unity has significantly increased. Individual congregations occasionally meet with sister congregations and plan to do so more in the future.

The association was not created to divide believers, and membership in it is not a condition of fellowship. The association is simply a legal structure created to enable member congregations to function in a coordinated manner for specific purposes. Our unity in Christ, however, is not generated by corporate organization or hierarchal structure, but is given by the Holy Spirit for us to maintain (Eph 4:3).

It is our prayer here in Atlanta that all of the members of the body of Christ will strive to serve God with all their heart and to love their brothers and sisters as Jesus loved them, maintaining our unity among ourselves through God's Holy Spirit. When we have this attitude, we will continue to be a family of sister congregations, bringing glory to God through the churches here in Atlanta.

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The Atlanta Church of Christ hosts a summer camp for kids ages 9 to 18 called The Swamp.

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